Mother Nature can be brutal at times. The winter of 2010 found LARC facing major antenna damage on both 2 meter and 70cm machines. After investigation, it was discovered that the 2 meter antenna was bent to about a 45 degree angle and the 70 cm antenna had broken in half.

This damage was a direct result on high winds and ice build up on the mountain. It was also observed that LARC was not the only antenna owners that suffered Mother Natures wrath.  

Jim Robertson and Philip Loggins trekked to the mountain the weekend of February 27 and installed a temporary 2 meter vertical to keep W4ABP on line. On March 6, Philip Loggins K4PDL, Jim Robertson N4JRR, Ed Cravey KF4HPY, Doyle Gantt W4DJG, Bob Sanders WW4T and Ryan Wheeler KF4HQV- President of RyCo-Technologies LLC revisited the mountain and installed two new antennas on the tower.

The weather was beautiful. We couldn't have ordered a better day for such work.

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